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Jo is the heart and soul of SAS.

Jo adores all things Bridal and loves looking after all of our beautiful brides.
Always going above and beyond to make sure every guest gets the most amazing experience.

Family is everything to Jo, she has two beautiful daughters Sofia and Ella and an amazing ‘hubby’ Ric.

It’s a bit of a running joke that Jo and Ric have been together forever!!


(Teenage sweethearts) and are yet to be married!!

Hopefully one day soon.



Sofia is Jo’s eldest daughter and has been part of team SAS since Jo took over in March 2018.

Helping out on weekends along side  studying for her psychology degree.

Sofia has a real passion for bridal fashion and loves to be involved when choosing new dresses.

You’ll often find our beautiful Fi behind the scenes lovingly preparing dresses or featuring in our social media as one of our resident models.



Haley joined team SAS last year, a dear family friend with a real flare for bridal fashion. Haley is kind, caring and hilarious!!

She will have you feeling at ease the moment you step through our doors.

We pride ourselves on being a group of down to earth, friendly, loyal, loving girls.
With a passion and expertise like no other.
No pressure, just lots of fun, laughs and amazing memories to be made along the way.

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