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Reopening after lockdown 3.0

It’s a brand new Monday......

A fresh week, fresh mindset, new goals, new inspirations. 🙌

Monday 22nd February, the day is finally here where Borris will layout a roadmap for the Uk for us all to hopefully get back to some sort of normality. 🙏

I can’t tell you how much I’m missing my beautiful little Stockport wedding dress shop

I’m so excited to to take our gorgeous brides on their perfect SAS bridal journeys with us when we can finally open our beautiful boutique doors.

As I sit and write this: my first ever SAS blog, on a surprisingly sunny day, I have to look at the positives that the lockdowns have brought to myself, my business and my family.

I will forever be grateful for the extra time I’ve had to spend with Ric and our two beautiful daughters, spending quality time, cooking, baking, laughing, playing board games, lovely long walks with our two Maltese boys.

Cocktail making, movie nights, home improvements and generally a slower pace of life, sometimes you really need to take a step back and realize what’s important, I think many of us are guilty of working too hard and many will address their work life balance going forward, I know I will, although when we get to reopen we are going to be so so busy, we’ll be open all the hours we physically can to get all of our beautiful brides to be ready for their perfect weddings. ❤️ And I cannot wait!!

Our beautiful bridal boutique has been closed for almost 7 months on and off over the past 12 months and although this has been a super hard worrying time, I choose to look at the positives that this has bought to our Stockport bridal boutique, I have been able to completely revamp SAS bridal, from decorating throughout, lovely new carpets to the most stunning floral work upstairs and down by the very talented local business Ido venue dressers. With lots of finishing touches that we can’t wait to share with you when we get back to doing what we adore. ❤️

We also welcome a fabulous new addition to SAS......

Our SAS SALE lounge 🙌❤️

A dedicated bridal haven ideal for our brides that are planning a beautiful intimate ceremony or ‘minimony’.

Don’t have long until their wedding day.

Have a lower ideal spend.

Set across a whole floor of SAS HQ a stunning selection of designer wedding dresses ready to take home on the day.

At our heart we believe in inclusivity, it is so important to us that all of our beautiful brides get to have the wedding gown of their dreams, there’s no need to compromise just because you are on a budget or need a dress a little quicker.

We’ve made so many changes over the past few months including a rebrand and a brand new website.

I’m definitely a glass half full kind a gal so will always be grateful for the exciting changes I’ve been able to put in place to make SAS bridal boutique the very best in wedding dress shops in Stockport and beyond!!

I literally cannot wait to get back to doing what I love, my happy place, my beautiful little bridal boutique. 🥰

So Boris please hear us, include our industry in your roadmap, give us the guidance, clarity and support we need.

Sending so much love to all of our beautiful couples and industry friends.

I really hope to see you all very very soon

Much love Jo xx

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